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We were given a special gift just in time for the Holidays…and we had to share it with you!  We received video and pictures of two newborn babies that were just saved with the Vayu Bubble CPAP!
Within the past few days, the Vayu CPAP devices became accessible to Gondia Medical College, a 600 bed referral hospital in rural India.

In this hospital alone we’ve started saving and improving the life of about one baby per day.  A week ago, prior to CPAP availability, similarly distressed babies were likely doomed to permanent brain damage, life-time disability such as blindness, or death.


Baby Sarita

Soon after Baby Sarita was born, she began suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome of newborns (RDS).  She had difficulty breathing and her oxygen concentration (spO2) was significantly lower than a healthy baby.   Prolonged lack of oxygen can cause irreparable damage to a child.
After treatment with the Vayu-bCPAP, her breathing stabilized and Sarita is recovering nicely (and cute as a button)!

Baby Geeta   

In these images Baby Geeta starts out with such severe respiratory distress that she is barely able to breathe.  She’s discolored and has periods of not breathing (hard to watch). A few minutes later, after being placed on the Vayu-bCPAP device, she is vibrant with good color and breathing normally!
After these amazing recoveries, we received some kind words from Dr. Maninder Juneja, the Director of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital:

“Vayu-bCPAP will be a great addition to our hospital and hospitals all across India due to its numerous benefits.

We just launched the Vayu-bCPAP 5 days ago, and its already showing wonders! Our staff nurses, students, doctors are all trained and find it easy to use and maintain. We all here agree this is extremely essential for us here at Government Medical College Gondia.”

We hope you enjoy seeing the wonderful results of our devices as much as we do!
Happy Holidays!