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A Solution for Avoidable Maternal Deaths

Unsafe Childbirths

Each year, across the globe, approximately 2.8 million women die or become disabled from pregnancy-related causes. Excessive bleeding after birth, or postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), is the leading cause of maternal death and disability in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). But postpartum hemorrhage is largely preventable with access to well-trained skilled birth attendants who can act quickly and efficiently to save a woman’s life, birth settings with life-saving drugs and equipment, and proper and timely referral services to higher-level care when needed. 

The Vayu Global Health Foundation supports the Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies – Uterine Balloon tamponade (ESM-UBT) and the Postpartum Hemorrhage Emergency Care Using a Bundle Approach program to equip health care providers in LMICs with a life-saving device and holistic training and implementation package to improve the quality of postpartum hemorrhage care. 

How We Save Lives

ESM-UBT is an ultra-low-cost, easy-to-use, and highly cost-effective, FDA-approved uterine balloon device that can be used to prevent and treat PPH. ESM-UBT was designed as an affordable alternative to other UBTs that are too costly to be distributed widely in low- and middle-income countries. The ESM-UBT is incorporated within a comprehensive training and implementation package for delivering quality PPH emergency care using a bundle approach. The package, titled Postpartum Hemorrhage Emergency Care Using a Bundle Approach (PPH EmC) was co-created with senior Ob/Gyns and maternal health champions around the world. PPH EmC is a next-generation way of conceptualizing PPH emergency response that integrates crucial clinical and systems-based interventions for rapid, effective PPH emergency care. To date, it has been implemented in more than 100 facilities worldwide and continues to expand through the efforts of dedicated champions and leaders committed to ending PPH deaths.

A donation through the Vayu Global Health Foundation Helps support this program,
giving mothers a fighting chance against their
number one threat during childbirth.

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through the Vayu Global Health Foundation is an investment with unmeasurable returns. For only $5 USD, we can save mother’s lives during childbirth. Your donations also support the further development of efficient, low-cost equipment like the UBT. It will also go towards training doctors and facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients they work with.

Every donation, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these mothers and their families.

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