African Institute for Health Transformation

AIHT is a non-profit entity established by a group of local and international professionals. Their goal is to bring innovative healthcare solutions to western Kenya and beyond.

A Healing Partnership

AIHT is a union between the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Global Health and Human Rights, the Kenyan medical institutions of Sagam Community Hospital (SCH), and the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET).

Through this partnership, AIHT aims to expand the availability of healthcare equipment, training, and experience across nations in need. AIHT specifically looks to areas with limited natural resources and limited access to large cities or institutions.

AIHT has been a primary developer of some of the technologies we support here at the Vayu Global Health Foundation. Their work has allowed for lives to be saved and for families to stay together.

The Family and Emergency Medicine Residency Program (FEM)

The centerpiece of AIHT’s work is the Family and Emergency Medicine Residency Program (FEM). The FEM program educates medical school graduates and facility personnel on the essentials of Family and Emergency Medicine.

By educating these students, AIHT is making the next generation of medical professionals and healthcare leaders in these regions better at their work and more capable of saving lives.

AIHT Innovations

Here are some of the most valuable innovations being delivered through AIHT, such as the Every Second Matters for Mothers and Babies™ initiatives.


A cost-effective alternative to anesthesia in support of emergency surgery when no anesthetist is available. ESM-Ketamine has already facilitated over 1,600 operations that otherwise would not have been performed.


An affordable healthcare kit that gives medical personnel the equipment, manuals, and checklists they need to prevent death and disability from respiratory distress in newborns and infants. The bundle is expected to reduce newborn and infant mortality by 50% among participating facilities.


In developing countries, childbirth can be an extremely dangerous event. This package puts together vital trainings, checklists, and devices which better educate medical personnel on how to prevent and treat uncontrolled uterine bleeding after giving birth.

HARK Trial

A clinical trial which discovered ways to speed up rehydration among patients who are dehydrated. It was tested in several health facilities in Siaya County, Kenya and now is ready for expansion.

E-Learning Program

AIHT supported development of a low-cost Android tablet used by Kenyan medical students. The tablet comes preloaded with lessons and educational materials. This way, medical students can take their education with them.

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through the Vayu Global Health Foundation is an investment with unmeasurable returns.

Your donations support the further development of efficient, low-cost medical equipment, and train doctors and facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients they work with.

Every donation, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these infants and their families. You can make that difference today.

Save A Life

Our solutions are extremely low-cost, allowing your donations to have a wide-reaching impact across multiple continents. AIHT’s solutions are proven to provide incredible results for medical personnel and families.