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At Vayu Global Health Foundation, our mission is to stop as many preventable deaths as possible. With your help, we can provide these solutions to mothers and medical personnel in regions of need.

Unsafe Childbirths

For women in developing countries, childbirth can be a far more dangerous experience than those in developed countries can imagine. In resource limited settings, a woman dies every two minutes due to complications from childbirth.

It is hard for many parents in rural locations to quickly reach medical facilities in time for childbirth. Once they do, medical personnel at such facilities often don’t have the training or equipment necessary to treat common complications such as postpartum hemorrhage.

Many of these deaths could be prevented with proper medical equipment and well-trained professionals. By providing safer childbirth conditions, millions of mothers can continue to be mothers.

In these instances, the determining factor in whether these mothers live can come down to sheer luck. We consider this an unacceptable reality, and we are working to change it. The larger our network of supporters, the faster this reality shifts.


Did you know?

2.8 million women die or become disabled every year worldwide from pregnancy related causes.

How We Save Lives

The number one cause of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide is postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), life threatening bleeding after childbirth. To solve this crisis, the Vayu Global Health Foundation supports the program “Every Second Matters for Mother and Babies – Uterine Balloon Tamponade (ESM-UBT).”

ESM-UBT is an ultra-low-cost, easy-to-use, safe, and highly cost-effective package that provides training for medical personnel in partnering countries and an FDA-approved uterine balloon device that can be used to avert PPH. ESM-UBT was designed as an affordable alternative to Western uterine balloons, such as the Bakri balloon, which are far too expensive to be distributed widely throughout developing regions.

A donation through the Vayu Global Health Foundation helps support this program, and gives mothers a fighting chance against their number one threat during childbirth.

A mother’s death deepens household poverty; disrupts the life of her family; and devastates her loved ones with grief. You can help keep these families together.

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through the Vayu Global Health Foundation is an investment with unmeasurable returns.

For only $5, we can save the lives of mothers during childbirth. Your donations also support the further development of efficient, low-cost equipment like UBT, and train doctors and facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients they work with.

Every donation, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these infants and their families. You can make that difference today.

Save A Mother’s Life For As Little As $5

Our solutions are extremely low-cost, allowing your donations to have a wide-reaching impact across multiple continents. You can make a direct difference in the lives of mothers and their children today.