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Every year, over 5 million newborns and infants die before 28 days of life, with 20 times that number permanently disabled. A small donation can give these children the medical aid they need.

Respiratory Distress

Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) is a threat facing millions of newborns in countries around the world.

In most developed countries, respiratory distress is a treatable and curable threat. In low-income countries, however, it remains a major source of death and disability among newborns and infants.

Most medical facilities in developing countries simply do not have access to the tools, training, and funding to provide basic emergency care during childbirth. Traditional CPAP machines used in developed countries are expensive and out of reach. Donations through the Vayu Global Health Foundation go directly towards providing support to organizations working to reduce the number of newborn respiratory distress deaths throughout the developing world.

How We Save Lives

Your donations from the Vayu Global Health Foundation supply an ultra-low-cost medical kit to local medical personnel to help infants recover from respiratory distress. The Vayu Bubble CPAP (Vayu-bCPAP) is one of the most effective and affordable means to helping save newborns from preventable respiratory distress deaths.  It has also been granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization to help in the fight against COVID-19.

This bundle is a specially designed healthcare kit, put together by a team of Harvard doctors, engineers, and global health entrepreneurs. The kit includes breathing equipment and apparatus, checklists, training manuals, and wall charts to provide safe and effective medical care these children deserve.

ESM-bCPAP is expected to reduce newborn and infant mortality by 50% among participating facilities.

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through Vayu is an investment with unmeasurable returns.

A $12.00 ESM-bCPAP Kit can be re-used over 20 times for an average cost of $0.60 per use to save the lives of children in respiratory distress. Your donations also support the further development of efficient, low-cost equipment like ESM-bCPAP, and train doctors and facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients they work with.

Every donation, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these infants and their families. You can make that difference today.

Save A Newborn Life For As Little As $0.60 Per Use

Our solutions are extremely low-cost, allowing your donations to have a wide-reaching impact across multiple continents. You can make a direct difference in the lives of mothers and their children today.