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Breathing for Babies™

Every year, over 2.3 million newborns and infants die before 28 days of life, with 20 times that number becoming permanently disabled. With respiratory distress being one of the most common reasons for death in children under 5 years of age, Vayu Global Health Foundation is dedicated to providing innovative medical solutions on a global scale.


We partner with organizations, healthcare facilities, and governments in country to make Breathing for Babies™ accessible across the resource spectrum


We coordinate trainings for healthcare workers in-country and work to build training ecosystems to preserve effective knowledge and understanding of safe oxygen therapy.


Our work is driven by scientific evidence. We aim to explore and research answers to important questions on safe and effective oxygen delivery to infants.


Our implementation projects take us all around the world. Our current goal is to make Breathing for Babies™ accessible across the resource spectrum. To reach this objective, we partner with organizations, healthcare facilities, and governments.


Contact is made between an in-country entity and Vayu Global Health. We then learn about the healthcare setting and their needs.

Planning & Distribution

In collaboration, our partners and us plan all the steps of a successful implementation project.


Training will commence either in-person or online to ensure the healthcare workers feel comfortable using the devices.


We provide remote technical assistance and refresher trainings to ensure our partners are successful.

But implementation goes beyond these simple steps. We aim to build lasting relationships for long-term success. Our work is not an investment in a device, it’s an investment in the people championing maternal and newborn health in their countries. We aspire to support them to the best of our ability and to build bridges between implementation sites as we are all working towards better health and equity for newborns worldwide.


As part of Vayu’s commitment to supporting babies with respiratory distress, we provide training for healthcare providers on oxygen delivery devices created by Vayu Global Health Innovations.

Online Course

A prerequisite to training is the Vayu online course. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the Vayu oxygen therapy devices as well as clinical insights.

Didactic/Hands-On Training

To familiarize the provider with the clinical and technical aspects of Vayu Global Health Innovation’s oxygen delivery systems, we provide live training sessions for users. We perform trainings both in-person and virtually. 

Please feel free to click the button to schedule a virtual training or discuss an in-person training with the Vayu training team!

Vayu App

For easy and quick access to resources for your Vayu devices, there is an app accessible for both Apple and Android. Click the button below to access the app on your device!


Vayu Global Health Foundation’s goals are highly driven by scientific evidence. We aim to explore and research answers to important questions on safe and effective oxygen delivery in infants. Our approach is very pragmatic and engrained in the reality of the healthcare systems and processes in partnering healthcare facilities.

Hence, while conceptualizing our study methodology in regard to a research question we make sure the design is feasible and the results/conclusions can be translated into an actionable future plan for improvement. Our team presents findings across peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. 

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