Enabling Critical Surgeries

Millions of parents and children in the developing world have limited access to any medical facilities. Those they can access are often underequipped. We’re working to empower these locations to provide better care.

Empowering Medical Facilities

Throughout the developing world, reliable healthcare services are often not available. The struggle to provide necessary  treatment in low-income countries is well-documented. Among many issues, one of the most prominent is the lack of resources to perform a safe surgery when an emergency operation is needed.

For many, medical personnel are only contacted once the condition has reached a life-threatening point. Surgery requires significant equipment, medicine, and manpower to perform properly, all of which are severely lacking in low-resource nations.

Here at Vayu, we’re working to implement a package that enables health care providers to perform critical, life-saving surgeries.

Did you know?

Five of the 7.3 billion people on our planet do not have access to emergency and essential surgery when needed, and often the primary reason is lack of access to anesthesia services.

How We Save Lives

A lack of sufficient anesthesia is a major factor as to why so many surgeries go unperformed in low-income countries. Your donations will help support a program titled “Every Second Matters for Emergency and Essential Surgery – Ketamine (ESM-Ketamine).”

This program delivers a safe “recipe” for alternative anesthesia in support of emergency operations when no anesthetist is available. Through the ESM-Ketamine program patients will be able to undergo surgeries that patients may not receive without essential anesthesia services.

By donating through Vayu, patients in low-income countries will be able to undergo emergency operations for life-threatening conditions. Your donation can transform access to emergency surgeries worldwide.

ESM-Ketamine has already facilitated over 1,600 operations that otherwise would not have been performed

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through Vayu is an investment with unmeasurable returns.

Your aid helps support the further development of efficient, low-cost resources, and allows for medical personnel and facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients they work with.

Every donation, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these infants and their families. You can make that difference today.

Support Critical Surgeries

The solution is extremely low-cost, allowing our donations to have a wide-reaching impact across multiple continents. With current use of the ESM-Ketamine program in western Kenya, rural Canada, Myanmar, and Chad, the ESM-Ketamine kit has proven to provide incredible results for medical personnel and families.