Vayu Foundation Performing high-impact implementation, training, and research

Our mission

At the Vayu Global Health Foundation, we
support efforts to identify and build sustainable
solutions to intractable health challenges in
a multitude of settings.

Vayu Global Health Foundation is committed to supporting the essential human right that all people have access to quality healthcare. We strive to ensure that the contributions of our donors become a means to impact meaningful and life-changing outcomes.

Effective Giving

In an effort to push resources to the settings that are most in need of them, Vayu Global Health is a highly efficient charity with virtually no overhead and close to 100% of the contributions going to those who will benefit from these medical innovations. All contributions to the Vayu Global Health Foundation go directly to support our current projects.  We collaborate with The Division of Global Health and Human Rights (GHHR) of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and other global partners to support high-impact, low-cost solutions delivered directly to impoverished areas. We have created a nearly cost-free operational infrastructure to allow for contributions to directly support the worlds’ most pressing health and human rights challenges. 

Our Tax Information

The Vayu Global Health Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible and you will be emailed a reciept of your contribution. The Vayu Global Health Foundation 22 Welgate Road Medford, MA 02155 If you are interested in making a donation to the Vayu Global Health Foundation by other means, please send an email to