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Training Local Doctors

Short-term solutions save lives, but long-term solutions save regions. We support programs that educate the next generation of leading medical professionals.

A New Standard Of Care

In a number of settings throughout the globe, medical facilities are constantly understaffed and under-experienced. Patients deserve the best care possible, and the hard-working medical personnel deserve resources and training to provide the best care. 

Through your donation, you can contribute to bettering the education and information access that medical professionals have in developing countries. We are raising the standard of care.

Did you know?
Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest number of doctors compared to population size of any region in the world.

Short and Long-Term Solutions

Though programs here at Vayu Global Health Foundation, we fight to give people in developing countries a better life-  not just tomorrow, but 5-10 years down the road and beyond. 

Every package, bundle, and equipment provision sent to these developing regions contains educations information to ensure those using it are using it effectively for their setting. Medical personnel receive pamphlets, checklists, training manuals, and hands on training with US doctors which can be re-used and passed along the education pipeline. 

An Unparalleled Investment

A donation through Vayu Global Health is an investment with unmeasurable returns. Your donations support the further training of doctors in facilities in remote areas to provide better care for the many patients in need. Every donation, dollar, every dollar, and every second make a difference for these infants and their families. You can make that difference today.