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Breathing for Babies™ Training

 Welcome! Breathing for Babies™ is the Vayu Global Health ecosystem of devices, training resources, mentorship, and technical support. 

We are excited to offer several training resources designed to improve your knowledge and skills, providing respiratory support using the Vayu Systems. Plus, we’re constantly improving our approach based on feedback and experience. 

 And the best part? Training comes included with each device!

Tier 1: Core Knowledge

All device users must complete this FREE training to gain a
foundational understanding of the Vayu device.

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Vayu bCPAP System

The Vayu bCPAP Online Course is required of all users. It provides an overview of the device’s functionality and proper usage. 

It takes approximately 1 hour to complete, and includes a certificate of completion.

Memory Aids can be downloaded and laminated for quick facts about device use.  

the Vayu App supports Vayu device users, and is available for free to download.

Click here to access the Vayu bCPAP device user manual!

Vayu Oxygen Blender System

Watch the comprehensive training video to unlock the full potential of the Vayu Oxygen Blender System. The video provides an in-depth overview of the device and its versatile applications! 

Memory Aids are also can be downloaded and laminated for quick facts about device use.  

Click here to access the Vayu Oxygen Blender System device user manual!

Tier 2: Live Virtual Training

Take your training to the next level with our Tier 2 program!
As a valued Vayu user who has completed Tier 1, you have access to FREE live virtual training and mentorship sessions!

We also empower trainers so they can train on the Vayu devices at their facilities. We offer a Vayu Device Trainer's Manual and live virtual chats to support your journey to become a trainer.
Best of all, Tier 2 is included with your device purchase!

Tier 3: In-person training

This advanced training builds on the essential knowledge gained in Tiers 1 and 2, and includes interactive, hands-on training for providers and Trainers/Champions in your own country. You will also receive sustained mentorship and technical support to help you achieve success.

While the cost of implementing this program varies based on setting, skill level, and partnerships in target locales, the invaluable knowledge and skills gained through Tier 3 makes it a worthwhile investment!
Join us in making a difference and improving newborn respiratory care!